Sniffies Apk Download Latest v1.0 For Android And Ios

Sniffies Apk Download- Sniffies apk is a dating app with a map-based interface that lets you meet people, interact with them, and go on dates. You can share your photos with others by hosting or joining groups.

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In this day and age, people often use social networking apps to get to know one another before meeting in person. There are many different social media apps available online. But each has its own unique limitations. Sniffies is a social media platform with a map-based interface that enables you to connect with people locally and globally. On the Map, you may view various persons, view their DPs, make and accept friendship offers from them, and talk with them. The app allows you to choose who you wish to share your information with in total anonymity.


Sniffies Apk Download

App NameSniffies Apk
App Version1.0
CategorySocial & Dating
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and Up
App size7.5 MB
Officially DownloadGoogle Play
Last Updated28 June 2023

About Sniffies Apk

Sniffies is a brand-new social media site with a map-based interface that lets members speak and meet up. On your Map, you can view the DPs of various persons. You can offer friendships, accept them, and communicate with others nearby using the app. You’ll meet all the actual users, get to know them, and develop relationships with them.

Spammers are dealt with by the app so that they won’t bother real users. It authenticates the users’ real identities and gender. So there won’t be any opportunity for phony accounts. Users can, however, choose to keep their real names and locations a secret if they like. They can choose to reveal it to only the users they choose.

Features Sniffies Apk Download

Real-time Real Users Features
The app makes sure that there are no scammers or phony users to annoy the real users. It confirms the users’ true gender so you can date anyone without having any worries or second thoughts.

Make a few friends and go out.

There are a lot of real individuals nearby. They are there for friendship and conversation. You can video chat and go live with them using the app as well. You can talk to various persons you find intriguing, offer friendships, and accept them.

Put up Content

Similar to other social media networks, your account allows you to upload material. It enables you to quickly submit your pictures and videos. Additionally, you can view what other members of the community are sharing.


You may utilize the App and talk while maintaining your privacy. Users of the app can conceal their identity and location until they feel a connection with someone.

Join Groups Or Host One

The app enables group creation. You can invite a large number of people or friends to your group, just like on Facebook. You can also join additional organizations that interest you.

Start Dating

You can search for various people, view their images and DPs, communicate with them, exchange ideas, and perhaps begin dating them. The app provides a safe connection through which you may interact with users and even make live video conversations with them.

How to Install Sniffies APK

  • Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources
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  • Make sure your device permits installation from unidentified sources.
  • Turn on the Unknown Sources setting in the Settings app’s Security settings. In case it is already enabled, skip this step.
  • Step 2: Sniffies Apk Download and Install
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  • Install the Sniffies APK on your smartphone. In a few seconds, the APK file will be downloaded.
  • Find the APK in the File Manager App after downloading it. The Downloads folder is where you may locate it.
  • After locating the file, tap on it. And then, select the Install option to start the installation.
sniffies apk,sniffies app apk,sniffies mod apk,sniffies apk mod,sniffies apk download,
  • The installation will take a few seconds, and the App will be successfully downloaded on your device.
sniffies apk,sniffies app apk,sniffies mod apk,sniffies apk mod,sniffies apk download,

Installing a Sniffies APK file is it safe?

  • The risks of installing APK files from shady websites must be understood.
  • It’s possible that some APK files contain malware and other harmful software.
  • You must only download APK files from trustworthy websites.
  • An APK file’s security can be verified before installation using a virus scanner.
  • You can also read the reviews for the APK file on a third-party website to find out if other users have run into any problems.

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Is Sniffies App free?

Yes, using the App is free. It is accessible without a subscription. To create an account, enter your information and your phone number.

Can we use Sniffies without registration?

To open an account, you must enter your phone number. Without an account, you are unable to use the App.

How to download Sniffies?

The website allows you to download the most recent version of this application. Install it after downloading, then use the app.

Is Sniffies APK available on ios devices ?

Ans- Sniffies APK was created especially for Android devices as of the time of writing. The creators might, nonetheless, release an iOS version.Follow the Sniffies’ official sources for updates.